Layered Lunches – the ultimate meal in a jar

Are you looking for a quick and easy meal idea for the summer months? Mason jar meals are perfect for a no-cook summer meal or grab n go lunch or … Continue Reading →

What’s New? New Products – April 2016

What’s New? We, at Goodness Direct, are always on the look out for new products. We love it when new, healthy products enter the market. So much so, that we review and … Continue Reading →

Vegan Mac'n'Cheese Recipe

Veganuary – Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe

We’re now six days into January and 2015. Which means that anyone who has embarked on Veganuary will now have been vegan for six days. One of the girls in … Continue Reading →

Vegan pesto you can trust

Pasta. It’s such a wonderfully simple food. Mix it with a little pesto and suddenly you’ve got  yourself a dynamic evening meal (though don’t forget some tasty vegetables to balance the meal). But stop! If … Continue Reading →

Pasta coeliacs will love – organic gluten-free fusilli

Last night I was feeling hungry, so I had some of the noodles I’d bought from our office at GoodnessDirect. These were no ordinary noodles… First of all they were … Continue Reading →

Not all gluten-free pasta is equal

We’re not boasting. But some gluten-free pasta is better than others. And some people think this is the best gluten-free spaghetti around… I know, you may well say spaghetti is … Continue Reading →

Delectable, delicious and vegetarian – gluten free gnocchi

Persuading my Indian wife that there was something wonderful about Italian food except pizza wasn’t going to be easy. As a vegetarian from birth, I couldn’t tempt her with some … Continue Reading →

Everyone needs some Organico sauce

My wife is currently banned from the kitchen while she nurses a broken leg back to health. Suddenly I’ve found myself back at the stove full time – having to … Continue Reading →

Get ready for a new kind of pasta

Pasta… It seems we can’t get enough of it. Ever since Marco Polo was fabled to return from China we’ve been enjoying it by the bowlful. Incidentally, legend has it … Continue Reading →

New incredible vegan pasta

Well this is different… Pasta made from organic beans like soya, black bean and mung beans. But don’t stop there. They really taste very good. Not quite like your normal … Continue Reading →

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