‘Gunpowder, treason and Parkin’

‘Remember remember the Fifth of November’ will always bring back winter memories for all of us, be it bonfires and fireworks. But for us foodies, it’s all about the food, … Continue Reading →

The world’s first 100% Raw Smoothie

This may well be the year of functional foods. Last week I wrote about a multivitamin drink supplement and now here’s a Raw Smoothie. The fact is, most other smoothies … Continue Reading →

Healthier, tastier snacking

Sorry about this. It has to be said… Ricecakes are pretty much tasteless. There, I’ve said it. Perhaps it’s the way they’re made, perhaps it’s the ingredients used? But if … Continue Reading →

The 2012 FreeFrom Food Awards shortlist is out

If you’re gluten free or dairy free, vegan or avoiding yeast take note the FreeFrom Food Awards judging panels have chosen just under 170 freefrom foods to go on the … Continue Reading →

Almond milk – I’ve converted

I am a true convert. If ever I run out of milk now I use almond milk instead. I’m not sure how many people have tried it but it’s sweeter … Continue Reading →

Alternatives to milk

Possibly 75% of people around the world are lactose intolerant – which might go some way to explaining why there are so many alternatives to milk. But there are numerous … Continue Reading →

So Good Oat Drink – a new delicious milk alternative

There’s been a lot of interest in a new drink from So Good. This one is made from oats. Other oat drinks already exist, so is it the 30% extra … Continue Reading →

Oat bran bread recipe

There are various oat bran bread recipes out there. This one uses greek yoghurt with the spiced up taste of caraway and thyme. 9 tbsp (130g) oat bran 4 tbsp … Continue Reading →

Protein bar recipe for high protein diets

There are lots of ways to make protein bars which are quick and easy and will save you lots of money. You can make this one in a jiffy without … Continue Reading →

UK’s oatbran secret to French woman’s figure?

When the top-selling French diet book, the Dukan Diet, prescribed a daily spoon of oatbran 10 years ago Mornflake saw its sales in the cereal double in under a decade. … Continue Reading →

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