Health and Wellbeing – 5 Natural Energy Boosters

New Year, with its fun, family and festivities can be exhausting! And with all the cooking and party planning, it’s no surprise that many of us find the end of … Continue Reading →

Quick Avocado & Maca Smoothie

Avocado & Maca Smoothie You will need: Servings: 2 1/2 Avocado Fresh Spinach, large handful 400g Pineapple, frozen 1 Chopped Banana, medium, frozen 2 tablespoons Almond Butter (or Coconut Butter) … Continue Reading →

Maca Powder – What is it?

Someone suggested to me that I try adding some Maca Powder into my smoothies. I figured before I do try it out it would be good to know what it … Continue Reading →

Find out if superfood Maca helps your stress levels

We all know that nature still has many medicines still awaiting discovery. We read names like cat’s claw, rhodiola or horny goat weed and consider with fascination the possible power of these plants. … Continue Reading →

Discover why organic Roo’Bars will take you round the world and back again

Let me introduce Roo’Bar, an organic raw food bar made with superfoods. Initially, Anita, the creator, was making raw bars by hand in the first organic food shop in Bulgaria. People … Continue Reading →

Superfood ingredients for healthy smoothies – organic and gluten free

Ever come across healthy smoothie recipes with ingredients you can’t find? Nutrient rich power foods aren’t easy to source, especially if you want to ensure they are organic and gluten … Continue Reading →

The latest Kale Crisps from Inspiral

You wouldn’t believe it. There’s a vegan food made from fruit and vegetables that tastes like you’re munching on M&M’s – raspberry flavour, but looks most of all like a … Continue Reading →

Pukka’s new organic teas

Pukka is an Indian word. It means authentic. An ideal description for a fairtrade purveyor of organic teas. They’re famous among those who love their tea. But it’s not surprising … Continue Reading →

Christine’s Day Detox Plan: Maca Strawberry Shake

Nutritionist Christine Bailey has the perfect solution to the festive excesses… Healthy and tasty recipes to cleanse the body. Start the new year afresh by following this day’s detox programme. … Continue Reading →

Detox your world with Shazzie’s naked chocolate bars

“I am chocolate therefore I melt. Keep me cool or be prepared to get dirty with me.” Such is life from Shazzie’s perspective. Her love of chocolate is well known … Continue Reading →

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