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The strangest drink you’ll ever love

Just the other day I has a conversation with someone about Dandelion Coffee.

The name itself is enough to raise eyebrows.

caffeine free & gluten free alternative to coffee

Surprisingly sweet

Perhaps you could call it a coffee in the loosest sense of the word, certainly it’s an acquired taste and, privately, I’ve found the notion of a drink made from dandelions a little bit scary.

But my friend really liked it and it has the added advantage of being caffeine free.

The farthest I’d ever strayed from drinking coffee before now is the cereal drink, barley cup – a smooth, malty beverage I reach for whenever I’ve run out of cocoa. So I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned that the brand, Barley Cup, innovated a Dandelion Barley Cup version. Could it be the gateway to a mystical world of drinks far beyond the safety of my morning coffee?

The drink itself is a compendium of earthy grains and spices: chicory, rye, sugar beet, dandelion and barley, which thankfully keeps it lactose free, gluten free and caffeine free.

And the taste? Surprisingly good. Very smooth, almost creamy and slightly sweet (which, apparently, is all due to the dandelion) so no need to add extra sugar to hide the taste.

You never know, I might just give Dandelion Coffee a chance…

For an even greater range of coffee and chocolate alternatives, visit the GoodnessDirect Drinks section.

Vegan milkshake with a kick

vegan milk drink

Vegan milkshake that demands you try it

If I introduced these milkshakes as just another flavoured coconut milk, I wouldn’t be doing them justice.

The vegan ‘mylk’ drinks from Rebel Kitchen have flavour that fights back!

As reviewer Shari writes, “they are very rich in texture. The chocolate flavour tastes great, while we love that they have an orange flavour – something a bit different that we haven’t tried before. It reminds us of drinking a dark chocolate orange – or something like that! There’s also a banana flavoured milkshake although it doesn’t taste that banana-y to us. It includes cacao and looks brown – more like banana chocolate with more emphasis on the chocolate! Still nice though!”

When you drink a Rebel Milkshake you’re in for a real taste treat. There’s a lot of depth of flavour and no refined sugars, just a few simple natural ingredients.

As Shari says, there’s a chocolatey¬†Cacao Coconut flavour, the Crushed Banana and a Chocolate Orange, though there’s also plans to bring out Chai and Matcha Green Tea versions.

But the final statement should come from the character on the back of the Chocolate Orange Mylk carton:

“You look good riding my bike, punk!”

(With all that flavour, I think I know what he means.)

Vegan condensed milk is here

I’d never even heard of condensed milk before, and yet so many of my friends have grown up spreading it on their toast!

And, of course, if you’re a vegan or have a dairy allergy it’s a no go area.

dairy free condensed milk

Dairy free condensed milk is here

But no longer! Now anyone who’s dairy free can happily use it in their fudge sauce or millionaire’s shortbread or cheesecakes (or just spread it on toast).

There’s a soya milk version called La Guli Condensed Soya Milk (it’s gluten free too for those who want to know).

Prepare yourself for some incredible home made creamy milk free puddings

Vegen Key Lime Pie? Lactose free Pana Cotta? It’s easy now!

The best vegan things come in large packages

Inspiral crisps

Inspiral Kale Crisps now come in recyclable packets

If you don’t know you’re missing out.

There are these fantastic superfood vegan crisps made by the food lovers, Inspiral.

They’re all air-dried kale flavoured with a cashew sauce and they are sooo moreish.

If you’ve tried them before you’ll know that the only drawback was the plastic tubs they used to be served in – not exactly convenient. But now they come in conventional (and compostable) crisp packets so I’m letting you know just in case you don’t recognise them.

And if you never knew, now’s the time to get your hands on them!

Chia is becoming increasingly available

white chia

Chia: full of Omega 3

I’m very glad that chia seeds are becoming more readily available.

They are very high in Omega 3, in perfect balance with Omega 6, and are brim-full with nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

We’ll increasingly see it become available in foods such as Biofair’s organic Palitos, a gluten free, nut free and vegan South American snack made from chia and quinoa.

Chia is seen as useful to athletes, diabetics and dieters because of this way it affects the digestion of nutrients. So much so that the grain company, Linusit, recommended that you consume a maximum of 15g of chia a day and only with 150ml of water.

The seed can be used with yoghurt and cereals or sprinkled over soups, vegetables, salads or desserts. Chia can even be used in home baking for breads, cakes and biscuits.

While chia seed can be used as a wholegrain, Linusit offers both whole and milled white chia seed. They also guarantee their seed is gluten and lactose free.

Does your non-dairy milk taste environmentally friendly?

In my experience it’s best to use different milk-alternatives for different purposes.

Almond milk for my cereal, soya milk for tea, coconut milk for homemade ice-cream, rice milk in baking and, for drinking straight, my personal favourite is oat milk.

oat milk

Tastes like a milk alternative should

But there’s something else oat milk is good for: less food miles.

Most plant based milks are produced in Europe, but oat milk is easily made here in the UK.

UK based Provitamil, as their name suggests, also make sure their dairy-free milk is full of the vitamins and nutrients you need, with lots of calcium, vitamin D, B2 and 12 and iron and fibre too.

Neither does it come sweetened, but that’s why I like it neat, after so many years of eating porridge, oat milk already has a natural flavour and subtle sweetness I’m familiar with, and I love it.


Provamel’s pouring yoghurt is overflowing with yumminess

vegan pouring yoghurt

Beautiful on breakfast cereal

The ideas are flowing at Provamel.

The latest is a pouring yoghurt made from organic soya, which is brilliant for cereals and making sauces.

It comes in two flavours: plain and vanilla.

The yoghurt cultures used in Provamel foods are derived from vegetable sources, generally carrot and hibiscus, so these new pouring yoghurts should be fine for vegans. They specifically state they are Gluten Free and Lactose Free.

Milk alternatives

The company have also come up with a new hazelnut milk sweetened with agave syrup, an almond milk (probably sweet enough already) and a coconut-rice milk (unsweetened again) to select according to your preference.

It adds to their massive range of organic dairy free drinks for anyone looking for a dairy alternative to enjoy

On the subject of almond milk, I was recently asked if almond milk has the same health properties as almonds themselves and, generally, the answer is no. Almonds are great for vegans because they offer protein, calcium and B vitamins, but once they are processed to become a milk drink they no longer hold all the nutrients they did as a wholefood.