See you at the Allergy + Free From 2016! 3 shows in 1 location, free tickets

Attend the Allergy + Free From Show, Love Natural Love You Show, and Just V Show on 8-10th July 2016 for FREE! London is the place to be this summer … Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pancake Mix – just for you!

February 9th is Pancake day, and it’s time to get your frying pan out and start flippin! But that can be challenging¬†if you have allergies. So here are some pancake … Continue Reading →


Top Tips for Slow or on the go Breakfasts!

Breakfast Week starts today! (24 – 30 January) The key message for Breakfast Week is that eating a healthy breakfast energizes, keeps the weight down and helps make you healthier … Continue Reading →

The strangest drink you’ll ever love

Just the other day I has a conversation with someone about Dandelion Coffee. The name itself is enough to raise eyebrows. Perhaps you could call it a coffee in the … Continue Reading →

Vegan milkshake with a kick

If I introduced these milkshakes as just another flavoured coconut milk, I wouldn’t be doing them justice. The vegan ‘mylk’ drinks from Rebel Kitchen have flavour that fights back! As … Continue Reading →

Vegan condensed milk is here

I’d never even heard of condensed milk before, and yet so many of my friends have grown up spreading it on their toast! And, of course, if you’re a vegan … Continue Reading →

The best vegan things come in large packages

If you don’t know you’re missing out. There are these fantastic superfood vegan crisps made by the food lovers, Inspiral. They’re all air-dried kale flavoured with a cashew sauce and … Continue Reading →

Chia is becoming increasingly available

I’m very glad that chia seeds are becoming more readily available. They are very high in Omega 3, in perfect balance with Omega 6, and are brim-full with nutrients, including … Continue Reading →

Does your non-dairy milk taste environmentally friendly?

In my experience it’s best to use different milk-alternatives for different purposes. Almond milk for my cereal, soya milk for tea, coconut milk for homemade ice-cream, rice milk in baking … Continue Reading →

Provamel’s pouring yoghurt is overflowing with yumminess

The ideas are flowing at Provamel. The latest is a pouring yoghurt made from organic soya, which is brilliant for cereals and making sauces. It comes in two flavours: plain … Continue Reading →

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