Proganic’s unique fruit juices are good for your body

Fancy some Mulberry Juice? Or perhaps Bilberry or Honeydew Melon Juice? Proganic, the organic, 100% pure fruit juice range, is gaining recognition for its unusual fruit flavours. They’re very keen … Continue Reading →

Finally, a great tasting liquid source of iron

My wife will tell you that blood is the body’s vital source of energy. 4.5 to 6 litres of the red liquid are pumped through an adult’s veins without ceasing. … Continue Reading →

Tired of being tired?

Floradix – for more energy and vitality Women in particular need a sufficient daily supply of iron to help keep them feeling energetic – but sometimes diet alone may not … Continue Reading →

Bounce Balls – nutrition on the go

You don’t need extra protein if you eat well. That is… the average man can get all the protein he needs if he drinks his milk, eats tuna for lunch … Continue Reading →

Alternatives to milk

Possibly 75% of people around the world are lactose intolerant – which might go some way to explaining why there are so many alternatives to milk. But there are numerous … Continue Reading →

Sheep’s milk, often healthier for you than cow’s milk

Well, we knew that Sheep milk produces excellent cheeses (like the Italian Ricotta) and yogurts. But now there’s even more… Woodlands Dairy, a family owned business engaged in rearing sheep … Continue Reading →

Are you getting enough minerals? – Quiz

Our bodies can’t make minerals. We get them from what we eat and drink. You don’t need loads but they are as vital as vitamins are. They are needed for … Continue Reading →

Tired? Lethargic and irritable? – Common low iron levels can be turned around by Floradix

Floradix is an iron supplement, but more than that, it’s a household name. One woman writes, I’ve used Floradix in the past after illnesses and it seems to be quite … Continue Reading →


Seeds are the mature, fertilised ovules of the certain flowering plants which are suitable for eating. They are therefore the nucleus of plant life and the storehouse of nourishment. No … Continue Reading →

Tyrrells – Questions and Answers

Tyrrells has put together a handy list of questions and answers for all the people that are desperate to learn more about Tyrrells, Potatoes, Potato Chips, Potatoes in Space… Why … Continue Reading →

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