5 Quick Tips to Winter Wellness

1. Winter fatigue Winter, with all its festive planning and preparation, not to mention day to day work and family responsibilities, can be exhausting. Fatigue plays havoc with your immune … Continue Reading →

Seasonal Ailments – Natural Remedies

Well, it’s official! Autumn starts today. We can now safely use the ‘A’ word without risk of getting slammed by our family and friends. The ones who every year have difficulty … Continue Reading →

Green Tea Linked to Lower Flu Risk

No one likes to get the flu, so finding simple ways to fight off the illness is welcome news, especially for those at higher risk for infection. A study in … Continue Reading →

If you’re having a flu vaccination it’s likely that you can improve it with probiotics

Did you know that probiotics are thought to boost the effectiveness of flu vaccines? A study (see the British Journal of Nutrition) found that probiotic supplements may boost the effectiveness … Continue Reading →

Did Mozart die from a lack of vitamin D?

We’re learning more and more about how Vitamin D protects the body. But in the light of this comes a new theory about Mozart’s death. The musical genius died at … Continue Reading →

Flu is on the rise – protect yourself

“It is the worst winter outbreak for influenza and viruses for 10 years.” Dr Philip Monk, a communicable diseases consultant has said. “There are a lot of illnesses out there.” … Continue Reading →

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