Coconut Butter the easy way

If you love experimenting with baking or prefer to use dairy-free ingredient then you’re bound to have heard of coconut butter. Or, it could simply be that you love it … Continue Reading →

A cup of coffee kisses – coconut mocha style

If you’re a fan of Coco Cafe Latte, then you’re going to love this… The first time I came across the concept of an iced coffee coconut latte I couldn’t … Continue Reading →

Discover a world of baking with coconut flour

So you think you can bake? How about baking with coconut flour? It’s great if you’re looking for a low-carb, gluten free or paleo alternative but it’s pretty challenging to … Continue Reading →

Vegan lollies are just in time for summer

There’s a mass of coconut based foods out there for the vegan and dairy free. So it was only a matter of time before someone successfully developed some coconut water … Continue Reading →

Vegan milkshake with a kick

If I introduced these milkshakes as just another flavoured coconut milk, I wouldn’t be doing them justice. The vegan ‘mylk’ drinks from Rebel Kitchen have flavour that fights back! As … Continue Reading →

Wish biscuits were healthy? They are now…

If you think that biscuits can’t be healthy, think again… Here’s a biscuit made without sugar or sweetener, with no butter or margarine, that you won’t be able to stop … Continue Reading →

Coconut sweetener is the healthiest around

When I predicted that a new sweetener would take off in 2013, I didn’t know I’d be so right but so wrong. The all natural monkfruit sweetener is now available … Continue Reading →

High quality coconut oil at a price you can afford

Lucy seems crazy about coconuts. She uses coconut oil for her fried eggs, her morning porridge, making smoothies and baking cakes. She gets it in her hair (which looks all … Continue Reading →

Visit the tropics with Faith In Nature’s new range

Coconut oil is one of the best things you can do for your hair and body. It blocks 20% of ultra violet rays. It cleans toxins, fungi and bacteria from … Continue Reading →

New for 2014 – vegan frozen yoghurt

Last year was a fantastic year for dairy free ice cream makers, Bessant & Drury. They won the Best Free From Food Awards and a number of Great Taste Awards … Continue Reading →

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