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Coconut Butter the easy way

If you love experimenting with baking or prefer to use dairy-free ingredient then you’re bound to have heard of coconut butter.

Or, it could simply be that you love it in your smoothies or use coconut butter as part of a paleo or vegan diet.

You may be none of these things, but it should still intrigue you to know that Biona Organic have named their new product Coconut Bliss.

why is coconut butter so good?

organic coconut butter

Enjoy as a spread, in cooking or in a smoothie

It’s no surprise. Coconut Butter is so tasty people eat it straight off the spoon. Doctors have even suggested coconut butter is a good thing to feed to babies. The coconut’s rich supply of Lauric acid, one of the main nutrients in human breast milk, helps protect the child against fungal and viral infections and builds a natural immunity.

It works for adults too. But most will love coconut butter for its heavenly taste.

You can do anything with coconut butter you might do with peanut butter or almond butter. Make fudge with it, mix it into mashed potatoes, stir in some cocoa and spread it on toast, even drizzle it melted over ice cream. For more ideas, check out the blog 25 ways to use coconut butter.

And if you’re confused about the different forms of coconut ingredient The Ultimate Guide to Everything Coconut blog will tell you more. There’s a really useful guide to the difference between coconut butter, oil, milk, cream, water, nectar and flour.

making coconut butter is possible but…

It is possible to make coconut butter from desiccated coconut but you need a powerful blender to do so. When you need some organic coconut butter quick, Biona’s Coconut Bliss spread is perfect for the job. Just pick up a jar from GoodnessDirect.

A cup of coffee kisses – coconut mocha style

If you’re a fan of Coco Cafe Latte, then you’re going to love this…

cafe latte mocha

Creamy and chocolatey Vita Coco

The first time I came across the concept of an iced coffee coconut latte I couldn’t wait to try it.

The drink is smooth and luxurious, like a healthy milkshake and espresso mixed up in one. As it’s low in calories with a little caffeine boost, Coco Cafe is my first choice if I need a drink on the move.

How could anything like this be improved? Add chocolate, of course!

Vita Coco Mocha Coco Cafe is the latest innovation from the coconut water company. It’s just as blissful as the original Coco Cafe Latte and testament to how popular the drinks are proving to be.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you try it before being bedazzled by all the wonderful choices… rumour has it that there’s a vanilla version out there somewhere too.

Discover a world of baking with coconut flour

So you think you can bake?

How about baking with coconut flour? It’s great if you’re looking for a low-carb, gluten free or paleo alternative but it’s pretty challenging to get it right.

Biona organic coconut flour

Take the coconut challenge

Using coconut flour is beneficial because it is rich in fibre, offers healthier fats and is an exceptional source of lauric acid – which strengthens your immune system.

The problem is that in baking coconut flour soaks up a lot of liquid which means that your cake can end up denser and drier than you’d like. But, if you get it right you’ll create a light, soft bake with a richer, sweeter texture than normal flour.

A few intrepid bakers have managed to master coconut flour and offer recipes you can try. Get hold of Biona Organic’s Coconut Flour and see if you can recreate their Nic’s Fairy Cakes, Laura’s Traybakes or Ceri’s Pancakes.

The best tip I’ve come across is to pre-mix the coconut flour with the liquid ingredients in your recipe, beat it well to remove the clumps and then leave it to soak for 15 minutes. It helps sort out any ‘graininess’ in the texture and helps your mixture find the right saturation point. You can also separate the egg whites and beat these separately beforehand to achieve a lighter batter.

For more coconut products visit GoodnessDirect’s coconut shelf.

Happy Baking.

Vegan lollies are just in time for summer

okobay coconut lolly

Paradise on a stick

There’s a mass of coconut based foods out there for the vegan and dairy free.

So it was only a matter of time before someone successfully developed some coconut water based ice lollies.

Just in time too considering summer is around the corner.

OkoBay ice pops are made with real coconut water and pineapple juice. They taste a lot like a sorbet on a stick but have no artificial ingredients to sour the experience. They’re even free from soya and have no added sugar.

Kind of healthy all round – a delicious taste of the exotic – on a stick.


Vegan milkshake with a kick

vegan milk drink

Vegan milkshake that demands you try it

If I introduced these milkshakes as just another flavoured coconut milk, I wouldn’t be doing them justice.

The vegan ‘mylk’ drinks from Rebel Kitchen have flavour that fights back!

As reviewer Shari writes, “they are very rich in texture. The chocolate flavour tastes great, while we love that they have an orange flavour – something a bit different that we haven’t tried before. It reminds us of drinking a dark chocolate orange – or something like that! There’s also a banana flavoured milkshake although it doesn’t taste that banana-y to us. It includes cacao and looks brown – more like banana chocolate with more emphasis on the chocolate! Still nice though!”

When you drink a Rebel Milkshake you’re in for a real taste treat. There’s a lot of depth of flavour and no refined sugars, just a few simple natural ingredients.

As Shari says, there’s a chocolatey Cacao Coconut flavour, the Crushed Banana and a Chocolate Orange, though there’s also plans to bring out Chai and Matcha Green Tea versions.

But the final statement should come from the character on the back of the Chocolate Orange Mylk carton:

“You look good riding my bike, punk!”

(With all that flavour, I think I know what he means.)

Wish biscuits were healthy? They are now…

If you think that biscuits can’t be healthy, think again…

Here’s a biscuit made without sugar or sweetener, with no butter or margarine, that you won’t be able to stop eating.

And to all those ‘raw foodies’ who thought they’d have to give up that perfect biscuit crunch… heaven has come early.

gluten free, vegan biscuits

Crunchy, sweet, nutritious biscuits

rawLicious have created ‘Snackaroons‘ made from cashew nuts and coconut with dates, raisins, ginger and vanilla for sweetness. Add a little sea salt and that’s it! Biscuit heaven from seven natural ingredients, no nasties, nothing artificial, nutritious, naughty… another biscuit please…

(Not to mention they’re organic, gluten free, wheat free and vegan.)

As the name suggests, rawLicious love making raw food, specialising in snacks that are never heated above 40°C to keep all the nutrition and flavour locked in.

They also make a wholegrain brown rice protein powder, the first of its kind to be certified as safe for use by athletes. It’s a hypo-allergenic dietary protein which means it’s easily digested and suitable for everyone, including vegans – available in Natural, Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.

But please check out the biscuits. They’re not only healthy, they’re unstoppable.

Coconut sweetener is the healthiest around

When I predicted that a new sweetener would take off in 2013, I didn’t know I’d be so right but so wrong.

The all natural monkfruit sweetener is now available in the UK, but manufacturers are trying to conquer the American market first, so all their efforts are focused there.

coconut blossom syrup

Natural sweetness in a bottle

In the meantime the most successful health food in recent times (which I also wrote about) has stepped in to the gap: the coconut.

Biona Organic has introduced its own version of a coconut syrup; with its rich and mellow honey like taste it’s a perfect alternative for vegans and diabetics. Try it in your baking or on your pancakes.

The Blossom Nectar, as it is called, has a low GI which means it won’t raise your blood sugar levels and leave you hungering for more sweet foods.

Best of all, coconut nectar has such a high antioxidant and mineral content it is seen as the healthiest form of sugar around. It’s also the most sustainable.

Change your future health with a bottle of natural coconut sweetness.