Fairtrade Easter Gifts from Divine

It seems a lot of chocolate companies are adopting a Spring theme with their Easter Eggs. Perhaps they realise how tired we are of the cold now? So, Divine, the … Continue Reading →

Snackbar created to support the protection of honeybees

While speculation continues, one thing remains certain, bees are dying. A third of UK bee colonies have vanished over the last two years, according to the Soil Association, due to … Continue Reading →

Sweet healing with manuka honey

I scalded my hand the other day, and to make matters worse I was wearing gloves… Someone jogged me, the hot water spilled onto my hand and I couldn’t get … Continue Reading →

Buzzworthy treatment for MS

Q: I came across an old magazine that had an article about using bee stings as a remedy for MS. I have a dear friend who has just been diagnosed, … Continue Reading →

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