Peanut butter – the war is on

Meridian are onto something… For too long the breakfast bar has been dominated by tiny jars of jam, little pots of promise appealing to you to crack them open and … Continue Reading →

Wonderful vegan cakes, not heavy or too syrupy

Hands up if cake is always your guilty treat? Especially at work. I must admit it’s generally difficult for me to pass by a plate of cake without taking a … Continue Reading →

The world’s first 100% Raw Smoothie

This may well be the year of functional foods. Last week I wrote about a multivitamin drink supplement and now here’s a Raw Smoothie. The fact is, most other smoothies … Continue Reading →

Almond milk – I’ve converted

I am a true convert. If ever I run out of milk now I use almond milk instead. I’m not sure how many people have tried it but it’s sweeter … Continue Reading →

Bounce Balls – nutrition on the go

You don’t need extra protein if you eat well. That is… the average man can get all the protein he needs if he drinks his milk, eats tuna for lunch … Continue Reading →

Alternatives to milk

Possibly 75% of people around the world are lactose intolerant – which might go some way to explaining why there are so many alternatives to milk. But there are numerous … Continue Reading →

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