Bee Pollen Granules from Comvita, believed to be the most complete nourishing superfood

The ‘Bee all and end all’ of nutrition?

Bee Pollen could possibly be referred to as the bee all and end all of nutritional ‘super-foods’ (last pun I promise). In all seriousness, Bee pollen is widely considered to … Continue Reading →


Love Your Blender – easy recipes to personalise your super smoothie

We’re so excited about Love Your Blender products that we’re still talking about them. Did you catch our other Love Your Blender blog? If not you can read it here … Continue Reading →


Love Your Blender – easy starter packs for personalised superfood smoothies

We all love the ease of mixing together a seriously nutrition-targeted smoothie in our blenders. While it’s quick and easy to whiz together the ingredients, it’s a little bit more … Continue Reading →


Recipes for natural tooth powders and mouthwashes – what works and why?

Have you wondered whether it would be worth making your own toothpastes and rinse? Most of us are wary of all the chemicals that are found in the most popular … Continue Reading →


Herbs for oral health – what works and why?

Let’s start with a few of the many main ingredients you can use. What works and why? Mint – this has germicidal qualities as well as the ability to freshen breath, by … Continue Reading →

Attractive woman brushing her teeth

Oral Health – naturally safe and effective dental hygiene solutions

Poor dental hygiene doesn’t just affect our mouths, in fact studies have shown that neglecting oral health relates to other health issues like diabetes and heart disease. (1) If you’re thinking … Continue Reading →


Is it Coeliac disease? Tips for symptoms and diagnosis

It’s coeliac awareness week here in the UK, and the theme this year is: ‘Is it coeliac disease?‘ The search is on to find the half million people in the UK … Continue Reading →

Sunset on Cornish beach

Homemade Sunblock Recipe

Last weekend a I took a trip down to Cornwall for a surfing break with some friends and shamefully, but much to the amusement of my friends, I got some splendid wetsuit … Continue Reading →


Mediterranean Pasta Salad Recipe + dressing – super simple, quick – and vegan friendly!

Looks like this weekend is going to be a sizzler! And you know what that means? Yep, dining al fresco. We love eating outdoors, because everything tastes better with sunshine, … Continue Reading →

Christine Bailey's Restorative Chicken Noodle Soup

Restorative Chicken Noodle Soup for gut health – by Christine Bailey

Want to improve your Digestion? Here’s your chance to win a copy of Award winning Nutritionist and Chef Christine Bailey’s ground breaking recipe book – The Gut Health Diet Plan … Continue Reading →

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