D & D – Deliciously Dairy-Free Chocolate Alternative

When you’re in search of fabulously smooth and creamy, yet dairy-free chocolate, D & D Chocolates supplies a delicious alternative to those of us with milk allergies. And because they’re … Continue Reading →


Artisan Nut Roasts – Christmas Day Worthy?

In the past, Nut Roasts have had some really bad reviews. Words like ‘dry’, ‘tasteless’, and ‘a poor substitute’ at the Christmas table were frequently connected to ‘nut roasts/cutlets’. If … Continue Reading →

Bumper Selection

The Gift Hamper – A Charitable Beginning

The team, at Goodness Direct, have been super busy these past weeks preparing our Pamper Hampers for this Christmas season. We thought you’d be interested in really great options for … Continue Reading →

Winter Wellness – ‘Good Health’ Warming Stews

So, it’s November and the weather is definitely getting colder. Not only that, we’re starting to get sick too. Lots of my friends and family are looking to easy simple … Continue Reading →

5 Quick Tips to Winter Wellness

1. Winter fatigue Winter, with all its festive planning and preparation, not to mention day to day work and family responsibilities, can be exhausting. Fatigue plays havoc with your immune … Continue Reading →


Gluten Free – Everyday Woes!

Approximately one percent of the population have coeliac disease, an autoimmune condition marked primarily by an acute sensitivity to gluten. If gluten is consumed, the immune system of those affected … Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Christmas Treats – Mince-Pies Recipe

When we can find the time, it’s nice to gather all the ingredients and spend a day or weekend baking. Christmas is a great time for spacing out all the … Continue Reading →

Easy Make – Dairy Free Advent Calendar

It’s less than a month before the Christmas Advent Calendar count downs begins on December 1st. When my children were small we used to always start the Christmas season with … Continue Reading →


Handmade Gifts – Recycle your Christmas Giving

Don’t you just love giving and receiving gifts that used to be something else? And what about gifts that have been meticulously crafted or stitched by hand? I love the idea … Continue Reading →


‘Gunpowder, treason and Parkin’

‘Remember remember the Fifth of November’ will always bring back winter memories for all of us, be it bonfires and fireworks. But for us foodies, it’s all about the food, … Continue Reading →

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