Cauldron spice up vegetarian meals

We’ve all argued over whether vegetarianism is right or wrong.

But when someone suggests that vegetarians are missing out, that they lack protein or that we need meat, you can answer in one word: Cauldron.

I’d regularly cross swords with my student flatmate, but I couldn’t argue with the quality or flavour of his Cauldron Cumberland Sausages.

Cauldron vegetarian Sausages

Beautifully seasoned vegetarian foods

Made from tofu and seasoned to perfection, these bangers would surprise any stubborn meat eater.

Now, Cauldron Foods have Italian Herb Tofu and Moroccan Spiced Falafel to add to their list of vegetarian wonders, I’m delighted to see them on GoodnessDirect’s shelves.

The only battle left is over who gets second helpings.



New egg replacer on the shelves

egg free omelette mix

The search is over for some

What does a someone with an egg allergy do when the recipe requires an egg?

The traditional answer has been to reach for some ‘egg-replacer’.

However, the demise of the popular Allergycare range has been a source of frustration for many, particularly those in need of a good egg substitute.

The difficulty led vegetarian food innovator, Yogesh Morjaria and team, to make their own version. The result is an egg replacer that is comparable with, if not better than, the old Allergycare one.

Yogiji’s Protein Omelette Mix comes egg free and gluten free. However, it isn’t vegan or yeast free, so for some the search continues.

Healthy snack food you’ll long for

Raw food has come of age.

What started with eating sprouted seeds for extra health has now become a full blown food industry, complete with raw chocolate and snack foods.

rawLicious crackers

Take a walk on the rawside

Even a raw equivalent of a loaf of bread is possible now. I look forward to trying some.

I am impressed with what I’ve tasted from organic company ‘rawLicious’. They make crackerbreads which tingle with taste. There’s an impressive range of flavours including Brazil Nut & Thyme, Date & Cashew and Tomato Pizza crackers.

Of course these delicious and versatile crackers are dehydrated at low temperature in true raw fashion, thus keeping all the goodness, nutrients and flavour intact.

rawLicious also make raw kale chips, which is a great way of having superfood as a snack. The flavours are so imaginative they won the 2014 “best new food product” at the Natural & Organic Europe Awards. Take a dip and try Double Pepper, Indian Spice Twist, Oh So Cheesy or Thai Chilli Twist flavours.

When you’ve devoured them you may be left asking yourself one question: Is this the kind of food my body has been longing for all along?

Peanut butter – the war is on

Meridian mini peanut butter

Meridian have a little secret to share…

Meridian are onto something…

For too long the breakfast bar has been dominated by tiny jars of jam, little pots of promise appealing to you to crack them open and consume the sweetness within.

But now, peanut butter is fighting back. Meridian are out to prove that peanut butter on toast can be cute too. The battlefield will be strewn with juvenile peanut butter pots and lilliputian jam jars facing off to see who is best. B&Bs and breakfast in bed trays will never be the same again.

However, should jam begin to win the day, Meridian plans to bring in the big guns: 1 kilo tubs of cashew butter and almond butter ready to splatter the enemy with thick gooey nutty loveliness.

The paleo community is going to go crazy. Their dedication to nut butters will see women secreting little jars of peanut butter in their handbags and men strutting into gyms with kg barrels of almond or cashew butter on their shoulders.

And all with Meridian’s wholenut and organic guarantee too? Jam doesn’t stand a chance.

High quality coconut oil at a price you can afford

Lucy Bee extra virgin coconut oil

Lucy Bee coconut oil ticks all the boxes

Lucy seems crazy about coconuts.

She uses coconut oil for her fried eggs, her morning porridge, making smoothies and baking cakes. She gets it in her hair (which looks all the better for it), she moisturises her skin with it, it’s even used to wax her dad’s garden shears!

How can she afford to use so much of the stuff? It’s pretty pricey after all, and she uses high quality, fairtrade, organic,extra virgin coconut oil too…

Well, however she’s managed to wangle it, Lucy wants to make sure others can enjoy coconut oil as much as she does – so she set up the company, Lucy Bee.

Through ‘Lucy Bee’ she offers the lowest price on a 500g jar of coconut oil we have at GoodnessDirect. Given the health benefits of using coconut, I know it’s worth it.

Coconut oil can strengthen your immune system, boost your metabolism, enhance your energy levels, sort out your digestion and improve your skin. IT has anti-fungal, anti-inflamatory, antioxidant properties and, despite being a saturated fat, it’s easy for your body to process so it’s likely to help rather than hinder your cholesterol levels.

There’s so much more to coconut aided health than we imagine. For more information visit the Lucy Bee website. Such a relief to know there are cheaper, high quality sources out there too.

Visit the tropics with Faith In Nature’s new range

Coconut oil is one of the best things you can do for your hair and body.

Faith In Nature tropical range

Beauty blessed with coconut & pineapple bodycare

It blocks 20% of ultra violet rays. It cleans toxins, fungi and bacteria from the skin. It keeps the skin soft without making it greasy. Its antioxidants penetrate into the underlying tissues to revive the cells that make up your skin.

For hair, it strengthens the structure of damaged hair. It helps remove dandruff, lice and itchy scalp. It delivers vitamins and minerals right where your body needs them.

No surprise that organic bodycare company, Faith In Nature, has a new range of coconut products. It makes sense to harness the healing powers of nature.

Similarly, pineapple is very effective for acne, prevents cell damage and even heals burns. It rehydrates and firms your skin by locking in moisture and boosting collagen.

It’s another wise move for Faith In Nature. They produces soaps, hair products, deodorants and face wipes – all from natural sources. If you have sensitive skin, are vegan or organically minded then its time to put your Faith in Nature.


Gluten Free, wheat free, delicious cheese sauce

gluten free macaroni cheese

gluten free macaroni cheese

Last night I had friends to “knock up ” quick meal for – one gluten free, one dairy free. The rest of the family where looking forwards to macaroni cheese with crispy bacon topping. So here we go, dairy free, gluten free wheat free cheese sauce:


  • 1 mug full of milk, (Almond milk for the dairy free version)
  • 1 tbsp of Tapioca flour
  • 1 tbsp of butter or spread you can eat (a non diary spread works just as well works just as well)
  • Seasoning to taste – this is where I throw in black pepper, paprika, Engevita nutritional yeast flakes and a sprinkle of vegan bouillon.

Put the milk into the pan and whisk in the tapioca flour and then the butter while still cold. Stir until the flour has all dissolved, then put on the heat and bring to the boil.

Add the seasoning you like as it heats.

Remove from heat when the sauce begins to thicken. Keep whisking so no lumps appear.

Add cheese to taste.

The Yeast Flakes add a cheesy taste all on their own so I also like to add some along with paprika, salt, pepper, and bouillon to taste – especially useful when I am being mean with the cheese. This makes a delicious cheese sauce, or white sauce if you leave the cheese out.