Customer Feedback – so appreciated

Thanks so much for your feedback on our service and the wonderful and wacky selection of foods and eco-products. We appreciate every single one. Here’s a few of your most … Continue Reading →


Bird & Wild Coffee from the Rain Forest

For many, coffee is an essential part of life, it is depended upon on a cold Monday morning. I’ve learnt to love and rely on coffee, working full time in … Continue Reading →

Brand new flavours from Kingdom

Wonderful new chocolate flavours from Kingdom

Sampling new chocolates always brightens up even the most bleary eyed Monday mornings. Kingdom Chocolate is a particular favourite of mine. The baby brother of Montezuma’s, their existing range has proven … Continue Reading →

Landgarten Luxury Chocolate Coated Berries and Ginger

Chocolate is good for you if it has fruit in it…

Or is that a bit of a twisted view on things? I’m not sure, but if it gives me an excuse to eat chocolate under the pretence of being healthy … Continue Reading →


Refreshing old time favourites

James White have just introduced a delicious new range of refreshing drinks from Great Uncle Cornelius. I opened a bottle of the Ginger Refresher  last week to give it a … Continue Reading →


Our Handmade Gifts

For a few years now our marketing manager and founder, Lesley Cutts (who is simply wonderful) has made glass coasters and cheese boards from reclaimed materials in her spare time. They’ve been … Continue Reading →

The organic Collection Marzipan Stollen

Have Yourself an Organic Little Christmas

It’s sure to be a Merry one too! Especially with the delicious selection of Christmas treats from The Organic Collection. You can always taste when food is of a high … Continue Reading →


A Festive Favourite – Norfolk Punch

Everyone has their favourite foods and drinks to have this time of the year. One of our favourites is Norfolk Punch, a deliciously warming, spicy drink for those who prefer … Continue Reading →

Gold Tea from Cafe Direct

Give the gift of a Perfect Cuppa

With Christmas coming up our office is beginning to resemble Santa’s workshop. We’re getting hampers brought up for us to make up every day. There’s shredding, ribbon and cellophane everywhere! … Continue Reading →

Carry your Onya bag on ya’

Reusable bags are mostly made of hemp or plastic and come branded by the supermarket you bought them from. Ever had that awkward moment when you’re at one supermarket checkout with … Continue Reading →

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