5 reasons to love dairy free Macadamia Milk

dairy free organic vegan macadamia nut milk

Macadamia Nut Milk – you’ll love it

Perhaps I should get out more?

The thing is I’m genuinely excited about macadamia nut milk.

It’s not because I’m on some sort of paleo health buzz. It’s because, if you’re into non-dairy alternatives to milk, and that means a lot of lactose intolerant children, people who suffer from eczema, vegans and many more,  then macadamia milk is probably the best tasting milk out there. Some would say it’s far more delicious. We are talking about the most heavenly tasting nut on the planet after all.

So here are my reasons for trying macadamia milk

5 reasons to try dairy-free macadamia milk

1. It’s delicious! The milk from macadamia nuts is creamy and buttery, it’s like full fat milk. Can you think of any other dairy free milks that can do this? Okay, some will say cashew milk, but try both and see which you prefer.

2. Macadamia is great for the antioxidants which keep our body cells healthy and in order. It’s very nutritious with vitamin E, manganese and zinc.

3. Macadamias have a lot of heart protective nutrients such as omega-3, plant sterols and dietary fibre. A diet rich in macadamia should lower unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

4. Eating nuts can be good for weight loss and macadamias are rich in protein and fibre which should keep you feeling fuller for longer.

5. It’s new on the market. Provamel have introduced litre box versions of the milk, sweetened with agave. So try it on your porridge, smoothie or cocoa.

Vegan Chocolate Tahini spread – say Open Sesame!

Warning! Some people eat this stuff by the spoonful.

Sunita sesame based vegan chocolate spread

This vegan chocolate spread delights both children and adults

If you’ve never tried the combination of sesame seeds and chocolate before, prepare to be delighted (see video clip). Sunita are now bottling this magical mix in a jar and offering it to you as a spread.

But, in reality, they are only catching up with a growing movement of people who are experimenting with new nut spreads and sharing their secret with friends.

There are already lots of recipes out there for homemade vegan chocolate tahini – it’s nutritious with lots of vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and calcium; it’s delicious, try it in sandwiches, drizzled over fruit salads, or added to your morning porridge.

Sunita’s organic Sesame Spread with Cocoa is satisfyingly rich and smooth and makes a perfect vegan alternative to regular chocolate spread. It’s also gluten free and, did I mention, addictive?

Find more of Sunita’s healthy foods at GoodnessDirect.


For dieters: Japanese zero-calorie Konnyaku

Sometimes, writing about food can be very challenging.

zero calorie Konnyaku is great for a weight loss diet

Zero-calorie Konnyaku is a Japanese delicacy

For example: How do you describe that packet of biscuits you’ve been too busy enjoying to make any sensible notes about (it’s happened).

Or what about something you’ve tasted that is disgusting but you really need to say something nice about it? (I am diplomatically honest.)

And then there are the foods you haven’t a clue where to begin writing about…

Japanese Konnyaku or Konjac is just such an example. It’s a traditional low calorie gluten free delicacy according to one source, but not being schooled in the Japanese art of cooking I can’t imagine. Lovers of sushi will know it immediately or if you’ve been to a Wagamama restaurant you may recognise the name as it’s often served as noodles.

However, rather than try to convince you how delicious it is, I’d rather direct you to a wonderful blog (with far better pictures) written by Chichi Wang who knows exactly why Konnyaku makes such a good meal, especially if you’re on a diet.

If you’re already sold on the stuff, and the zero-calorie food must have its merits, then you’ll be eager to know that GoodnessDirect have both brown and white blocks of Konnyaku made by Yutaka, as well as Shirataki noodles, again in brown or white.

Let me know what you think. I’m off to locate a Japanese restaurant.

Good nutrition starts with muesli for breakfast

If you’re not taking multivitamins where do you get your minerals from?

Truth be told, vitamins are fairly easy to come by but, for minerals, it’s a little more tricky. Try taking this test to see how well you are doing.

I fail miserably when it comes to eating nuts and seeds which is a shame considering how plentiful source of copper and zinc they are.

Muesli is a great source of vitamins and minerals at breakfast time

Good nutrition starts at breakfast with a bowl of muesli

One solution may be for me to have a daily bowl of muesli. Take Dorset Cereal’s new Lighter Crunch muesli for example. Their new Tasty Toasted Hazelnut & Brazil Muesli comes with hazelnuts, almonds and brazils and their Tasty Toasted Raspberry and Apple includes sunflower seeds in the ingredients.

The lighter texture and crunch means you won’t spend all your time chewing; so you can munch through a bowl in the same way you would corn flakes or bran flakes.

Plus, it saves all the hassle of adding sugary toppings to your ‘healthy’ porridge. In fact, muesli is more nutritious; all you have to do is decide if you feel a little fruity or nutty each breakfast time?


Don’t just take my word for it. According to the research paper “Is Muesli a Healthy Breakfast Choice?” by dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, muesli is an excellent source of key nutrients which are often too low the UK diet (particularly including iron, potassium, zinc, selenium, vitamin E and folate).

Dr Ruxton writes: “Muesli is surprisingly rich in many valuable nutrients and can deliver a veritable cocktail of vitamins and minerals to start the day. The iron content was a beneficial result as up to 40% of women in the UK don’t eat enough iron in the diet, putting themselves at risk of fatigue and poor concentration. Starting the day with muesli could be a good way to top up on iron before a day in the office or school”.



Calling all Vegans – Complete Protein sources here

If you’re a vegan, did you know that a peanut butter sandwich is a fantastic combination for a source of complete protein? (Provided you use wholemeal bread.)

Or how about rice and peas, or humus and pita bread?

Most vegans know that protein is abundantly available in lots of foods, however the real challenge is to make sure you mix up your daily menu to get the range of proteins into your diet. It’s easy to just rely on tofu but there’s lots more out there, especially if you mix and match.

Quinoa  - a vegan and gluten free source of complete protein

Quinoa is a great vegan source of  vitamins, minerals and protein

Give Quinoa a Try

Quinoa (keen-wa) is well known as a complete protein and is super nutritious, but few use it because they don’t know how to cook it properly (the secret is to rinse and soak first).

Fortunately, you can use Express Quinoa which comes ready to eat hot or cold. (For hot, simply pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.)

Naturally gluten free and organic, Alice & Oscar’s Quinola Mothergrain make both a quick-cook red & white quinoa or black & white quinoa to try – depending on how you like your quinoa to taste. They also have the individual quinoa grains available in nutty red, crunchy black or smooth white for those who know they can cook up a proper dish of quinoa without any trouble.

Discover them all at GoodnessDirect.


Organic feminine hygiene – healthier by nature

If you’re looking for healthier and more eco-friendly purchases for your bathroom cabinet, it’s worth knowing about Natracare.

They were the creators of the world’s first certified organic cotton tampon and they’re still just as passionate about the availability of ethical sanitary products for women today.

All Natracare products come with a soft 100% certified organic cotton cover, allowing the skin to breathe and avoid irritation. They are always chlorine free, free from plastics, perfumes and biodegradable.

natracare organic cotton sanitary pads for feminine hygiene

Organic and natural hygiene

Natracare’s new “Ultra Extra” sanitary pads offer a whole new level of performance and protection. The pads slim line shape and convenient, individually wrapped paper pockets are discreet and practical. Each pad is double layered for extra absorbency and comfort combining a natural absorbent core and a soft cushioned layer.

Another new addition to their range is the Long Panty Liner. With extra length for added coverage it is ideal for those who require more protection. The Long Panty Liners also come individually wrapped, making them convenient when on the go.

For more of Natracare’s 100% organic solutions visit GoodnessDirect.

New Montezuma chocolates include vegan and gluten free options

For all you Montezuma’s Chocolate fans out there, the British chocolatiers have some new flavours to try.

New Montezuma chocolates including vegan or gluten free options

From the outside the most exciting thing are the names… A piece of “Peeling Amorous” anyone? But it’s when you unwrap the chocolate bar that the fun really begins.

Covering the spectrum from white to dark, Montezuma’s proudly introduce:

  • Charlie’s Luck – A vegan dark chocolate with spiced peanuts, made all the more intriguing by the use of ginger and chilli, also gluten free
  • Open Sesame – Milk chocolate flavoured with caramelised sesame and sunflower seeds offers a more rounded, slightly nutty mouth-feel for your chocolate moments
  • Peeling Amorous – the humourously named white chocolate bar with a zing of lemon and sour cherries is even more loveable for its gluten free credentials

The creators of these chocolates are obviously having too much fun and it’s only merciful that you join them in their chocolate madness.