Perfect Paleo Pizza Crust

We had a look at what Paleo is recently, to read the Paleo Diet Breakdown blog click here. Since then we’ve been getting super excited about Paleo cooking, which is … Continue Reading →


Honey, honey, how you thrill me…

I’m very fond of honey. As a child my mother taught me to use it on burns and scalds, as a teenager I used it as a natural face mask … Continue Reading →

vegan-bloggers head

10 Of Our Favourite: Vegan Bloggers

Whether you’re already vegan, considering going vegan, or just want to eat fewer animal-derived products, one thing we know for certain is that there’s no shortage of brilliant blogs offering … Continue Reading →

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Perfect picnic potions from Cawston Press

The weather has treated us kindly over the bank holiday and I’ll bet parents across the country have been exploring woods, parks and beaches with their children. With the weather … Continue Reading →


Gluten free and dread travelling abroad?

Gluten-free living doesn’t have to dictate where you can and can’t travel. You just need to be prepared Continue Reading →

hot cross buns with icing

Gluten & Dairy Free Hot Cross Muffin recipe – Christine Bailey

No one should miss out on freshly baked hot cross buns this Easter! Our friend Christine Bailey has given us the recipe for Hot Cross Muffins that are Guten-Free, Dairy-Free … Continue Reading →


The Paleo Diet Breakdown

The Paleo diet, or the caveman diet, has hit the sport and diet world like a storm since early 2000! It has been credited as the ‘healthiest diet’ to be … Continue Reading →


Maca Powder – What is it?

Someone suggested to me that I try adding some Maca Powder into my smoothies. I figured before I do try it out it would be good to know what it … Continue Reading →

wild thing

Snack like a Wild Thing

The paleo diet is fast growing, with more and more people jumping on board to try it out. In fact, one of the girls in the office is going to … Continue Reading →

Customer feedback

Customer Feedback

We love hearing from our customers. Some of them say such lovely things we’d feel bad for not sharing them. We’re so grateful for feedback and love reading through what … Continue Reading →

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